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Staff Application :D0
posted a year ago

Please make a Thread if you would like to become a Staff for your Application this is the Application Template : IGN:

Age (Must be over 14)

Why do you want to become staff on this server?

How active are you?

Scenario: Would will you do if you are handling a serious Situation and someone is spamming chat for your help?

Whats your Discord name? (You must have Discord)

What role are you looking for?

Hello I am WigglyKat04 or Wiggly

Fits the age quota

I would like to be staff on the server since I'm on Minecraft a lot and I'm wanting some community groups

I am quite active and I will be more right after my school is done I have 1 more week

In that scenario, I would see if I knew how to help them and would, but if I didn't know how I would contact other staff to come to help them

Its: WigglyKat04#2930

Whatever staff role y'all are willing to give me, I don't know what they all are but I'm open for anything